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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Specs Template?

Specs Template is a project specification builder packed with ready components and pre-written snippets to help you write your specs documents quickly.

The builder provides you with a document boilerplate that you can fully modify and customize to your needs.

How can I use the document after I create it using Specs Template?

Once you're done editing your document, you can share a permanent link to a read-only version of your output or download it as a printable PDF that you can share with your clients.

Is there a Free trial?

Specs Template comes with a free plan that allows you to use all the essential features of our builder. Once you're confident with our tool, you can then subscribe to our paid plan.

The paid plan does not come with a separate free trial.

Does your template work for software that is not web-based?

Absolutely! Even though our current template comes with snippets mostly focused around the web development topic, you may still use the builder to create your software requirements specification for your mobile apps, your desktop applications or your software on any other platforms.


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